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A1 Carpet Cleaning is a 100% owned & operated local business and we are proud to be Tasmanians.

A1 Carpet Cleaning business motto Cleaning To A Standard - Not A Price, is the difference between a good job and a great job.

A1 Carpet Cleaning believe that value for money is sadly lacking in many services and so we add that little bit extra such as complimentary sanitising,  deodorising and dust mite treatment.

A1 Carpet Cleaning clean 48 square metres of carpet for only $170 plus $3 for each additional m2.

All this means that you get more rooms in your house cleaned for the same low price.

For example, large beds that are not on castors are generally not moved and so that additional space can be used to clean in another room.

Most average sized homes can generally get the carpet cleaned for well under $200 inclusive of any special stain treatment or additional deep cleaning, if required.


Unlike franchised cleaning companies A1 Carpet Cleaning do not believe in the 'hard sell' where the customer is subjected to purchasing additional services and products.

If a customer requires any additional services or products, A1 Carpet Cleaning are more than willing to oblige and provide only the best, fully tested products available on the market.

A1 Carpet Cleaning are constantly seeking new and better ways of providing services to our customers and unlike franchises, A1 Carpet Cleaning are not locked in to any particular system or service contracts.


A1 Carpet Cleaning dedicated team is proud to service the beautiful island of Tasmania.

A1 Carpet Cleaning fully trained technicians have over 20 years experience in carpet cleaning & upholstery cleaning and our customer service is second to none.

A1 Carpet Cleaning carpet & upholstery technicians are middle aged and have had extensive customer experience, which means you can feel confident, knowing that the person you are inviting into your home is honest, trustworthy, friendly and are the epitome of discretion and respect for you and your property.

A1 technicians are Police vetted and therefore you can feel safe and secure.

As local professionals A1 Carpet Cleaning have no affiliation with a franchise,  therefore A1 Carpet Cleaning can guarantee that prices are extremely competitive.

There is no franchisor to be paid and so A1 Carpet Cleaning overheads are lower which means A1 Carpet Cleaning can pass the savings on to our customers.

A1 Carpet Cleaning will never pay for customer reviews as we rely on our service & reputation to promote our business.


A1 Carpet Cleaning follow the Australian Standard - AS/NZ 3733-1995 for carpet cleaning & upholstery cleaning.


A1 Carpet Cleaning DO NOT use chemicals containing optical brighteners, which are used to artificially brighten carpet to give the appearance of being clean and can damage wool & nylon carpets.

A1 Carpet Cleaning use the latest technology available in both machines & chemicals and our process is ASTHMA, PET & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY.

A1 Carpet Cleaning ensure that all products and services are environmentally neutral and comply with all relevant standards. Most importantly our chemicals are safe for people, pets and our planet.

A1 Carpet Cleaning want our customers to be happy.

When you call, A1 Carpet Cleaning, you will not be speaking to someone in another country, but with a local based in Tasmania.


A1 Carpet Cleaning provide educated, professional advice to assist our customers get the best possible value.

A1 Carpet Cleaning leave our customers with a smile on their faces knowing that they have had the best clean and value for money service.

A1 Carpet Cleaning aim to be the carpet & upholstery cleaner of choice.

A1 Carpet Cleaning leave our customers wanting to promote our business to their family & friends

A1 Carpet Cleaning promote understanding and acceptance of all customers regardless of ethnicity, race or sexual orientation.

A1 Carpet Cleaning support the local community by sponsoring events and charities.

A1 Carpet Cleaning ensure that the services we offer our customers are at the forefront of cleaning technologies available in the world.

0428 20 1414


We wish to acknowledge the Tasmanian Aboriginal community, the palawa/pakana people, who have survived invasion and dispossession and continue to maintain their identity, culture, and Aboriginal rights.

We pay respect to the palawa/pakana elders’ past, present and emerging.

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