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Specialised Stain Treatment

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The chemistry of stains is an interesting topic and is one that A1 Carpet Cleaning technicians are familiar with.

Each product that can possibly damage carpet or upholstery must be assessed to determine whether there is a chemical which can react to undo whatever reaction has occurred with the carpet. Unfortunately there are some substances which can permanently stain and there is no way the damage can be undone other than by replacing the affected area with another piece of carpet.

A1 Carpet Cleaning will honestly discuss with the customer the likelihood of removing the stain before the customer pays for a hopeless attempt to remove it. If you wish to tackle the stain yourself before calling A1 Carpet Cleaning, please use the link below.

0428 20 1414


We wish to acknowledge the Tasmanian Aboriginal community, the palawa/pakana people, who have survived invasion and dispossession and continue to maintain their identity, culture, and Aboriginal rights.

We pay respect to the palawa/pakana elders’ past, present and emerging.

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